Friday, October 15, 2010


it might be a bad time to get this off the ground because everything is sort of in limbo while we wait for sensei to get back from thailand.  and then of course we're leaving to spend L's first birthday in oregon with the it's hard to gear up for something when you know you're about to take a break again soon.

B went to the chiropractor on tuesday.  it was clear this is the first one we've been to who really took the time to figure out what's going on.  after they got the x-rays back he diagnosed it as a mild case of spina bifida, which i'll have to look into to learn more about. since he's been on the new antibiotics his hives have gone away and he hasn't had a fever for awhile...but this morning he mentioned a sore throat so i think mono might still be on the table (i guess the tests could be negative even if it was mono and we have to wait a few weeks to see).  doc said if it is mono he'll have to take a break from training for 6-8 weeks until his spleen returns to its normal size.

with B back from thailand and finally getting healthy again, we're turning our attention towards his training.  even though money is a big issue for us right now, i think we're both trying to make training the #1 priority.  i wish the world would just pause for a year until he signs with an organization...just feel like we're treading water until then.  the mini-dojo (we call it the "mojo") is back up and running, and we put together some amazing training sessions this week.  still haven't figured out a way to deal with rain and we're entering winter so this will be interesting.  its nice to have a place for the boys to work on what they want to work on, instead of having to worry about staying inside of a curriculum.  one of the guys brought a tripod/video i'll have to get started on uploading the footage he took.  competition date is set to Nov. 14th; a jiu jitsu tournament in corona (gi & no-gi).  i think B is reluctant to focus too much on competing until he's back from oregon and can really put his nose to the grindstone. did i get that right? nose to the grindstone? im terrible with euphemisms. 

i'll check in later this week...there should be some major developments with the dojo as soon as sensei gets back.  his flight arrives tomorrow but he'll probably be too jetlagged for any sort of productive conversation.  though i will say he has a tendency to amaze in that arena. 

love & light,